Welcome to Nia in Forest Row, East Sussex

Next week, the Saturday class on January 22nd will take place in the Venue on the Green Youth Centre (Next to the Skate Park on the Green.) The classes on Wednesday, January 19th and Saturday, January 29th will also be there and after that we will be back, as usual, in the Large Village Hall, Forest Row.

Nia is the “Love Your Body Workout!” The most advanced form of fusion fitness, Nia combines martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match.

“An emotional fitness odyssey, Nia is just plain exhilarating.”
-The New York Times

“This lyrical, dance-like routine is deceptively powerful, delivering a high-powered workout that will leave you strong and centered.”
-Health Magazine

Nia classes in Forest Row, East Sussex are on Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings. (See details in 'Classes')

The classes run on a 'drop-in' basis so you can come whenever you want and just pay when you come. If you are unable to come for a while, coming again after a gap will be fine as each class is complete in itself.